Company History

In the late 1990's Michael McCloy, began building websites for small businesses as a freelancer. During 2003 and 2004, he began work on the Waypoint system. As the product became functional, Michael began plans for a business that would market and continue to develop Waypoint. Twin Harbor Web Solutions was officially incorporated in 2004 with the 

Waypoint was planned, from the beginning, to be not only a website management tool but also a web application development platform. With that in mind, other companies, including Antidote Software, Inc., began building new applications to work within the Waypoint system. Antidote Software's main application, Obelisk, is a client management and point of sale suite that relies on Waypoint to provide a clean, robust and flexible web-based interface. 

Twin Harbor Web Solutions also creates custom applications and plug-ins for the Waypoint platform on a regular basis. Some of these applications are turned into their own entities which can be purchased online as Waypoint additions, or as standalone products. Some of these include the Waypoint Time Keeper and Contact Point. 

Each year, more and more websites are launched on the Waypoint platform and new applications are being built for it all the time. As we move forward into the new millenium we find that both Waypoint and our customer base are continuing to grow and prosper. Each year brings exciting new technology that we will utilize for the benefit of our customers.